Veda classes in San Diego

First ever Vedic School in San Diego, CA

Beginners veda class: Sunday 4.30pm - 5.30pm

This class will cover basic Krishna Yajur veda suktams such as Rudra Namaka, Chamaka, Purusha Sukta as well as other basic text like Ganapathy Atharvasheersha

Intermediate veda class: Monday 6.00pm-7pm

This is for veda students who have learnt the basic suktas. This will cover Krishna Yajur veda portions like Mahanarayana Upanishad and Aruna Prasna, as well as texts like Mahanyasa

Advanced veda class: Wednesday 7.15pm - 8.15pm

This class covers advanced Krishna Yajur Veda texts such as Udaka Shanti, Acchidram and Ashwamedam

New upcoming Friday class: Friday 8pm - 8.45pm

This class will cover Vishnu Sahasranama, Lalitha Sahasranama and Chandi Path.

All class students are encouraged to volunteer for Veda Geetha Foundation and actively participate in its events and activities, For volunteering opportunities/any questions, please contact Shastriji - 858 335 4352

Importance of Vedas

We belong to the Sanaatana Dharma, also called Vaidika Dharma because we follow the Vedas, which is foremost in our religion. There is nothing that is superior to the Vedas - this is an axiom by ancient seers. We should have strong faith that reading even one word of the Vedas will bring us immense benefit and we should respect all Vedic textbooks. The Vedas reveal that which is beyond the comprehension of our intellect. It also tells that respecting Vedic Pundits is a must and the Devas are pleased with that. In the ancient days, it was normal for a Brahmana to learn the Vedas after their Upanayanam. Those were the glorious and happy times.

Today, the benefit of studying Vedas is questioned. The written texts by human beings can have mistakes in it. Veda is apaurusheya (of divine origin), so it is without blemish. There is always happiness where Vedas are taught. If we follow the Vedas, our actions will be along the right path. That is the significance of the Vedas. Reciting the Vedas will provide benefits similar to the performance of a great yaga. Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada has emphasized that nothing can be equated with the importance of the Vedas. Vedas are the final command and unquestionable. Vedas need to be chanted with the correct annotation and accuracy as wrong pronunciation can lead to bad results.