Pandit Shrikantha Shastri
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About Veda Geetha Foundation

Mission and Objectives of "Veda Geetha Foundation"

Our mission is to offer services for the peace and prosperity of San Diego County, CA through:

  1. Providing a place of worship, offer services to Sanatana Dharma practitioners, and be the resource center for the community of San Diego, CA and surrounding areas to learn and experience Vedic teachings

  2. Providing facilities for Yoga, Meditation, Cultural, and Educational activities

  3. Offering food to the needy on regular basis to sustain the desire of living

  4. Developing activities to encourage and foster interfaith understanding and cooperation

  5. Free community meals and Educational and Cultural Programs

About Shastriji & Organisation

Veda Geetha Foundation located in San Diego, CA is a non-profit organization founded by Pandit Shrikantha Shastri a Vedic Scholar. Pandit Shastri worked as a Sanskrit professor at National College in Bangaore, India and Rajiv Gandhi Samskrita Vidyapeetha, a deemed university located in Shringeri, Karnataka, India. Pandit Shastri has over 100 disciples to whom he taught Vedas and Sanskrit language.

Pandit Shastri and his disciples offer various services to Sanatana Dharma practitioners which include: teaching popular hymns from Vedas, helping perform prescribed Vedic Samskaras, celebrating Vedic festivals, performing yajnas and daily chanting of Vedic hymns for the peace and prosperity of the San Diego community and the surrounding areas.

The temple also regularly offers discourses on Vedic knowledge by inviting scholars from all over the world, coordinating discussions among truth sekers of various faiths, teaching Yoga, Meditation, Sanskrit language, and offering food to the hungry.

First ever vedic school in San Diego, CA

Veda Geetha Foundation was started early 2012 in San Diego by Pandit Shrikantha Shastri. The Veda classes (incudes Mahanyasa, Rudram, Chamakam, Suktams, etc.) which shastriji takes every week, have attracted more than 50 students in and around San Diego, and is growing continuously.

The vedas are very relevant today as it was during very ancient times and will continue to guide mankind beyond any foreseeable future on this planet. In order to propogate and sustain the hoary tradition gifted and imparted to us by our ancestors, under the guidance and blessings of Pandit Shrikantha Shastri, a vedic school has been established in San Diego to sustain these values.

Latest Events

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